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Bible Workshops 7.30pm
Monthly Presentation 7.30pm


Bible ResourcesResources

Daily Bible Readings

Most Christadelphians follow a plan of Bible Reading called The Bible Companion. It is simply a method by which you can be sure that by the end of a year, you have read the whole of the Bible, Old Testament once and New Testament twice. This site gives the plan, with commentaries and audio.

Pamphlets on a Wide Range of Bible Topics

A complete listing of the pamphlets from the Christadelphian "Standard Pamphlet Series", which discuss a wide range of Bible topics. The leaflets are displayed and allow users to click and read each one. Printed copies of many of them are available at our hall.

Bible Resources - Pamphlets

E-sword - Bible ResourceE-sword

Bible software that can be downloaded for free. Also available on CD in our library for free.

BP Bible - Bible Resource

BP Bible

Bible software that can be downloaded for free.

Bibble int he News - Bible ResourceBible in the News

An exciting audio commentary on current events in relation to Bible prophecy. Updated Saturdays.