Seminars and Workshops

The Bible - God's message of hope to humanity - has the answers to YOUR problems. Come and investigate the answers with the Boronia Christadelphians on Sunday at 2.00pm (God Willing).

We are concerned for your salvation, but rest assured, we will not attempt to convert your way of thinking in these seminars. Rather we're committed to helping you discover the Bible's message for yourself. Your conscience and ours must be satisfied independently. For this reason we will avoid any debate of doctrine during class time, and stick to our goal of helping you read your Bible more effectively.

Our Bible Seminars and Workshops are held on Sundays at 2.00pm. Anyone with an interest in the Bible is welcome. We have enjoyed a number of workshop series together. Everyone is welcome to attend and please bring a friend, or two.

18 July The Bible Has the Solution to ... Your Peace and Security
Peace and security is essential for personal growth and happiness. But many people today are fearful about the future - what is the point of living, pursuing goals, making commitments?
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15 August The Bible Has the Solution to ... Lasting Peace in the Middle East
The Middle East has long been an area of high tensions between warring factions. The world, through the UN, has tried many options -  but all have failed. Is there any answer?
19 September The Bible Has the Solution to ... Declining Moral Standards
Morals (or way of life) that were taken for grated by our parents are now ridiculed or dismissed as discriminatory. How do we cope with these shifts towards moral quicksand? How do we maintain direction in life?
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17 October The Bible Has the Solution to ... Corruption in "High Places"
Corruption by business and political leaders is rife world wide. How do we avoid its influence in our lives? What hope is there for future generations that don't know how to deal with the examples set by so many leaders?
21 November The Bible Has the Solution to ... Family / Society Violence
Families are more and more reflecting the lack of morality shown by society's leaders. More people are being guided by "if it's right for me it is right - regardless", How do we maintain a sense of right and wrong in a crazy world?
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